Dave’s Home Technology website

Hey and welcome to my site! I’m Dave and below you’ll find out a bit more about me. I’ve started this site to get my technology reviews a wider audience.

What’s my name: David B Jones

And my occupation?: I’m an civil engineering manager for a global company you’ll have probably heard of.  I also run the blog you’re on now hometechnologiesinc.com.

What are my hobbies: I enjoy short distance running, various sports, singing in my local choir and amateur acting.

Where I live: Delaware and West Midlands Great Britain (family over there)

About Dave:
I have always had a passion for technology, gadget and new electronic devices, especially games consoles. Back in the 80’s, I was glued to my Atari playing the now classics such as Centipede, Pong and Pac-Man 9 (gotta love those!)

I am fortunate that my wife is equally nerdy about technology, so between us, we enjoy reviewing, using and recommending various gadgets and devices.

As we have family in the UK, we often get to visit them and see what new technology is out over there, although it’s fair to say that the US is often ahead of such countries when it comes to tech (although there some exceptions)

What have I been up to recently?

My wife and I recently returned from vacation to Bermuda where we chilled and had a relaxing time. In addition, I’ve been planning my new ‘man-cave’ where I plan to write and record upcoming technology reviews from. It will have everything I need including pro lighting and green screen setup.

Interesting facts about me:

  • I once slept walked into my bedroom door. It woke me up.
  • I was nearly killed by a falling slate roof tile. Only the umbrella I was using at the time saved me.
  • My favourite food is Chicken Madras curry
  • Favourite beer is Bud